Tatty Teddy Bears

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Your Presents  have bought together a range of the famous little blue nosed tatty bear from Carte Blanche Greetings and some of his friends.

Carte Blanche Greetings has a wide range of merchandise including the Me To You Bears. The little blue nosed tatty teddy crept into our life in 1987.  This lovely little tatty teddy has become much loved as the range has grown.

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 Me To You with Present £8.99

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 Me To You Special Girlfriend £8.99

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 Teddy Big Foot


  Teddy Big Foot I love You book £8.99

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 Teddy Big Foot feminine heart £8.99

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 Me To You Get Well Soon £8.99

 Me To You Mum and Baby £10.00

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The Me To You Bears are collectables and make perfect gifts for all members of your family and friends, from birthday gifts through to Christmas gifts and many other gift occasions bringing untold pleasure to the people who receive them. Some of the Me To You Bears feature messages or are designed for a special occasion such as the Me To You Christmas bears. Carte Blanche release limited editions of Me To You Bears every so often which make them very collectable.


 Me To You Star Daughter £8.99

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 Me To You Thank You £4.99

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 Me To You Just For You £4.99

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 Me To You Bridesmaid £8.99

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Cart Blanche has created a story about the first bear and why they called him Tatty Teddy which tells us where the little bear came from and why it has a little blue nose and grey fur.  They say he was abandoned in a house along with all the unwanted furniture and household things.  Alone and unable to move because of the things piled on top of him he waited.  Winter came and he became very cold.  His fur went grey and his little nose turned to blue. 

One morning the sun came out and a little girl happened upon the house and saw the little tatty teddy bear all alone.  She picked him up and took him home to her granny who repaired his little body with a patch and stitches because it had become very tatty and worn.  The little girl loved her little tatty teddy and although he was now warm and loved, his fur remained grey and his little nose blue.

Is some of this story true? …… you decide.

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 Laura One I Love £7.99

 Laura Special Mum £7.99

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Tatty Teddies and friends are suitable for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts and many other special occasions.